First of all, this will not be for everyone as it does require work and practice, and will have a niche market for interest.

This is the next offering in the task of getting as close to just ‘reading minds’ (from a performance dynamic I mean) only this is more reading people with a presentational hook. Simply put, the twitches theory is the ability to read micro expressions but put into the context of a mentalist routine. So what will learning this allow you to do? Yes micro expressions are used in the detecting of deception but during this routine they will give you clues to emotions people are connecting to a memory which stands you in an excellent position for being able to truly guess or read what it is they are thinking about. After you learn this unique and wonderful skill, it has echoes in the rest of your life too. Making you a better communicator, awareness of deception well imagine the possibilities yourself if you know how someone is feeling without them having to say anything to you!

The effect is that a spectator can sense emotions on unseen photographs, and allow to guess what memories they associate with the happiest and saddest times of their lives as well as when they most felt scared, surprised and angry.

Price: £15