BLURB – A book test unlike any other! hand your spectators a book and ask them to imagine themselves at a karaoke bar, whether they would actually have the courage to get up and do it or not. Ask them to flick through the pages and to choose any song they like. They can change their minds as many times as they would like to. In the simplest terms you can then begin to join in and sing with them, the song that they are merely thinking of and often right at the same point in the song. This can be done with multiple people and each choosing a different song. All performance styles covered included the most invisible and natural use of billets you will ever see. Included are routining suggestions from Bens own personal repertoire on how to pull out memories of the last times your spectators heard their freely chosen song, and how to have an entire audience of people sing the song that one person on stage is thinking about. Spectator as mindreader to the extreme! Also included in the explanation section is ideas from Peter Turner and in full detail of how to make the memory work (needed for one of the styles of performance) the easiest to digest and recall with simplicity. This is different and unique and theatricalities and performance fun you can have with this are huge!

Video link to a bog standard presentation done over skype

This is available with a full instructional booklet and for £35