This booklet is almost entirely devoted to the idea of prop free mentalism through analytical reasoning and observation. Discussed within is how to develop powerful prop free direct mental routines that you can come up with almost on the spot. Also discussed is ideas on how developing your memory could help to improve your routines and your act in general through less pocket space, you’ll never need another stacked deck and actually performing memory routines themselves, and also why the creation of a memory palace is a good idea for any mentalist to consider.

As well as all this i have included my original SHERLOCKIAN routine that granted does use 1 prop but it is just for a cool theatrical premise. As well as my work on the 3 truths and a lie game that uses nothing but your ability to spot the fibber’s in the room. Included is what to look out for and why, which could have taken a booklet to itself as it is something of a passion of mine.

Review in from irish vagabond entertainer of

“You know the kind of routine you read and half way through you have to leave the house to find some unsuspecting person to try it out on, well that’s what you get with SHERLOCKIAN. The routines are very good and explained in great detail; you can tell that Ben has put a lot of hard work into each step but it’s the subtleties of the body language and the idea of just paying more attention which make a good read a great one.
As I read each step I start to think of ways that I could use these techniques to freshen up some of my own performances, as well as how these routines could fit into what I already perform. 
After you have read through the works of Ben you will find yourself too entering into the mind set of Sherlock Holmes himself or even Jason Bourne, as you pick apart every person you meet.
A great read and a very interesting look at prop free mentalist, if you perform any mind or body reading this is a must have as it is full of useful information tried and field tested by a great performer and a genuinely nice guy.”

Price: £15