It is based on my book that contains within it a universal principle that can really strengthen any prop less mentalism that you perform. Contained within are the methods behind thought of card routines, thought of coin routines, which hand games, guess who, and billet less name guesses and even a thought of card over text message.

You can use this principle 100% prop free or you can use it with props, it is entirely a performance choice. It is completely malleable to almost any routine. It is not a technique for real world lie detection but will work with 100% certainty in your mentalism work.

Ben is really f**king epic. He literally knows too much’ Peter Turner 2015

I just finished a quick session with Ben Cardall where he performed what seems to be the best remote viewing effect I’ve ever witnessed’ Titanas 2015

This is a step in the right direction towards prop less, realistic mind reading which needs nothing else other than yours and the mind of the spectator’ Fraser Parker 2015

Solid methods and genuine techniques, based on i believe one of the most important books of our time’ Art Vanderlay 2015

This is a link to the trailer for the effect

I would like to run offers for the video download at £30

Or the people could buy the book and the download for £45