Powerhouse mentalism for the modern performer of both the stage and the close up persuasion. Routines that dwell within!!

THESPERIENCE: An E.S.P chair test that is absolutely ridiculous. With an impossible ending. A true showstopper! Or ender!

P.O.F TEST: Become the ultimate reader and manipulator of anyone. Lie detection and non-verbal communication at its best.

WORD GAMES: Proof if ever it was needed that you know how people are going to think and what they are going to think even before they do.

GAFFOLD: My full faced blindfold. You can completely cover your face, and have a spectator confirm that nothing can be seen through it. Only you can see everything!

FREUD FU: Just a routine idea for the gaffold that nowadays, pub-dwelling men seem to go crazy for.

THE ‘PSYCHO’-METRIC SYSTEM: Any 4 audience members place any personal objects into an opaque bag. You can now divine everything, who placed what inside the bag and even details about the objects within. Uses the gaffold as well.

CHEATERS: Cheaters will never prosper when you play. You demonstrate an uncanny ability to out think anyone.

MEMOIRS: You don’t have to be psychic to do what a psychic does. And this is how you do it!

PERSUASION GAME: My pet handling for the ring box game only this one uses no rings and no boxes.

BEFORE AND AFTER: A ‘psychic’ test that proves you can see more than anyone. Even before they see it.

NOSTALGIA: Impossible card skills that defy reason. Raymond Babbitt eat your heart out

ADACAN: Any Deck Any Card Any Number. No messing!

ERM…PEEK: A rapid calculation routine where you give your spectator the ability at the end.

Price: £15

Ben-Zine Volume 4