When you look at these techniques that are described in any book or teaching resource, you need to make sure that you have the successful ways of applying said techniques to the ‘Real World’. This has been the driving force behind everything that I do and develop as a reader of people. It’s all well and good being able to state that this would mean this in that context but when it comes down to it, the application of the techniques learnt is of paramount importance.

As such these methods need to be as direct as possible and focused on only the necessary attributes needed to make it work. In a high pressure scenario where you are at risk of the emotional qualities of your own mind becoming antagonistic to clear reasoning you would need a method that isn’t 15 convoluted steps or so to make work. 

In building a statue, a sculptor doesn’t keep adding clay to his subject. Actually, he keeps chiseling away at the nonessentials until the truth of his creation is revealed without obstruction. – Bruce Lee

Here I present my take on memorising license plates in as much time as it would take for you to read them. This is therefore not an exercise in memorisation only, it is an exercise in observation and solidifying the mindset you would be in, in order to make sure these details do not ever leave. As a fun by product you would also get to induce you creative juices so to speak.

We combine what is known as the Peg system for memorisation (which turns numbers in to pictures) with thinking of the other letters as words or the initials of an acronym. 

Simply put – SY55YVU would become a story of a brother and sister being very ungrateful. “SY, LILY (Image for 55) You’re Very Ungrateful”

We must first understand what is needed to encode the numbers into pictures and above all, go with what occurs to you first. This takes advantage of the naturally connective neural pathways that you have developed based on your own models of thought. We use the Phonetic Alphabet:

  • 0 = s, x, z
  • 1 = t
  • 2 = n
  • 3 = m
  • 4 = r
  • 5 = l
  • 6 = d
  • 7 = c, k, g, q
  • 8 = b, h, v, w
  • 9 = p, f

So the numbers you see would give you the letters used and you would then fill them in with the phonetic sounds that are not used – W,H,Y,A,E,I,O,U. Therefore 55 would get you L,L and I added the I and Y to create the image for LiLy. For memorisation purposes I have found this to be the clearer technique to use for longevity. SIERRA, YANKEE, 5, 5, YANKEE, VICTOR, UNIFORM suffers from the same pitfalls of intangibility to memorise for long periods or in challenging scenarios. You can find a full breakdown of this method Here

We can then use names and or stories to make this intangible and somewhat dull information standout enough that when the time comes, you will never be without the chance to be of service to the local constabulary. 

FP57XHG – Fran Phillips’ (Ex-wife) log has Xtra Heavy Goats

FG51WGA – ForGet Lots?! Would Get Arrested

DU51URY – Dig Up Lots!! Uranus is Really Young

Now in telling yourself these stories, you can add the colour of feeling and indignation, or curiosity. Now, even after reading this blog you should turn your phone face down and recall all four plates. I would bet that you get at least 70% of the details and you didn’t even know it. Now imagine how easy this is when you engage in the details even slightly and add your own peg images. After a brief time, every car journey can become a chance to train and after a little while longer, these details will be in your head within the blink of an eye.

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