Good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you are!

Well, its been quite sometime since i have written one of these posts and i initially started this with the idea of imparting lessons with each post! however much has happened in my life that i would like to tell you all about!

First of all, i released a couple of products for Mentalists, these detailed powerful material that was particularly close to my heart!.

The first was a dvd called Sherlockian. This can be found at all good magic stores around the world, including and i promised a shout out for tom e lee so check it out! Heres the trailer! SHERLOCKIAN TRAILER I also released a book called ‘Ratiocination’ contained powerful pieces of impromptu work! Ratiocination Such an honor and a pleasure to have my work recognized in this area as something worthwhile and i thank everyone for their kind words and support with all of the products.

I also began work on my very own web series called ‘The Deductionist’. This gave me a real good chance to flex my deductive possible in front of a camera. This was a big learning curve for me! episode 1 is right here THE DEDUCTIONIST EPISODE 1 In the show, everyone has given their time freely, there are no stooges or anyone who has been asked to say and do anything. Everything is exactly as you see it! Episode 2 is coming soon! check out this teaser clip from episode 2! Rock paper scissors on steroids! Episode 2 teaser!

I have sadly had to drop out of work with the book Joe Riggs is planning due to personal reasons but as they say, as one door closes another one will open. Keep your ears and eyes peeled!

And on a final note i have recently included video detailing my plans for the next deduction experiment! this one will be a real challenge! and real fun! thank you to everyone who has offered their time to take part! Now as a feature of this blog i am going to start reviewing book and training items for the modern day deductionist! Any requests will be considered, anything that people would like me to discuss or even interviews you would like me to track down, or try to anyway.

I aim to make this a much more interactive blog!

Hope you are all well!

Ben x