Ben Cardall BioBen has been studying deduction and all of the facets of skill that it entails for over 15 years now, it all stemmed from his obsession with Sherlock Holmes, the detective with infinite reasoning and logic with an aptitude for picking out the smallest detail of a person within seconds of meeting them. Ben was curious as to whether this super human ability was achievable and sort to find out. This was when he first started to study and put into practice everything he now knows about mentalism.

As he grew he developed his knowledge of behavioral science, speed reading people, forensic science, psychology, reading facial cues and body language, developing memory, hypnosis along with other skills, but he still held true to his original influence of Sherlock Holmes. Ben spends his time reading various different studies and journals, along side books and works of nonfiction learning more and more about the way things tick, what different things can mean to different people and how to read the tiniest micro expressions. He uses this skill that he works on daily in his shows, wowing the audience and amazing the critics.

Ben grew up in the Stoke-on-Trent Area, studying at school and furthering his education through to Degree level where he studied Drama and performance at Staffordshire University. Whilst studying he developed his techniques and decided to combine the two passions, that of drama and demonstrating the ability to ‘read’ minds, and create a show with all the astonishing acts that he has performed on the street as seen on videos on youtube. You can catch the latest episodes of his incredible web series ‘The Deductionist’ here and his now infamous Deduction Experiments, which even made the Local

News  – Youtube Channel

Acts didn’t just stop with being able to read people, he took time to study magic to further his understanding of micro expressions when undertaking certain illusions.

Ben has, what is called, a memory palace. A place in his mind that has everything he wants to remember more and more is filed away for when is needed. With practice and techniques he has been able to store and recall hundreds of pieces of information through his own palace. A place where every room will have hundreds of different memories stored in the mental drawers desks and cupboards of each room.

Hypnosis stemmed from the human psych and the effects of the sub-conscious mind on the conscious mind. As he used hypnosis to initially entertain people, he was frequently asked about using hypnosis for therapy. So Ben studied with the UKHTC under Anthony and Freddy Jacquin further developing his hypnosis skills into the field of therapy with effective results.

As Ben finished University he started to concentrate more on his studies of the deduction whilst working to earn a living. As a mentalist, Ben refined his skills more and more and as he entertained his presence on the street theatre scene started to blossom more.

Ben now works in constant demand and is increasing his presence through various different media, but don’t worry you don’t have to wait til then as Ben will perform at weddings, trade shows and corporate functions. He has also made a few appearances on the local radio and will be making more in the future. Plus you might catch a glance of him up in Hanley performing the odd mind trick or street theatre. Keep an eye and ear out for him!

Ben has also literally written the book on how to become a deductionist and attain all the skills of the famed detective. though if he was using them today and not in the 1890’s. ‘The Monographs’ has been given 5 star reviews all round on Amazon from people from around the planet. You can pick up yours from here today, click here.

Recently Ben has spent a lot of time working on Baker Street itself! Performing for the elite of the Sherlockian world, and has even dazzled and received rave reviews from Elite authors, societies and even descendants of the Conan Doyle family themselves.

Ben is a man who has made it his business to know what other people don’t, and often couldn’t know!!