Your course was exciting and added a lot to my confidence in making deductions in the real world. Recently I have been able to make deductions with speed about context, situations, body language and even venture a guess in the meanings of various things that would go unnoticed before. The fact that I have a coach and a person who I can rely on for the facts about reading people that make my work in deduction so much better is a miracle. I found someone who has explored many of the ideas that would help me become a better “Deductionist”and introduced me to how you take theory and make it into verifiable facts. That someone is Ben Cardall, because he is a friend to you when you need it and is utterly relentless in his pursuit of knowledge for the very sort of information that could save your life. His exploration of these topics have made it easier to move around in this field and find direction, but his ideas cannot be measured for their value without mentioning the enormous gratitude I have for the encouragement I received on the call for the monographs training which led me to some right guesses that boosted my confidence. Thank you Ben for offering that training.” – David Zajac, MS, RMHCI
Ben, with his almost 20 years of practice in the fields of memory, reasoning, and observation has helped me through his classes to sharpen my own skills in the same aforementioned fields especially in regards to observation wherein i have noticed myself begin to pick up on minute details not just in sight but also in other less used senses like smell and hearing.” – Roberts Vindedzis