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Perks and Performances


Hello All!

Boy do I have some exciting news for you all. First off, for all you delightful people that have already contributed to the indiegogo campaign and for all the delightful people that soon will or are planning to, I have added another perk for people to take advantage of.

Due to popular demand you can now have me, The Deductionist, come to your event and perform live for you. This will be subject to my already booked up days but you can now take advantage of having genuine real life Deduction performed for you. So get in there before they all go, as there aren’t many spots available.


The second item on my agenda to tell you about is an event that is quite simply not to be missed. Friday 30th October, at the Sherlock Holmes hotel are the details to put in your diary. It is a book launch night for the new Sherlock Holmes tale ‘Sherlock Holmes The Scarlet Thread of Murder’ penned by ace writer Luke Benjamen Kuhns and published by the incredible folks at MX publishing. Mr.Kuhns is a big voice for the save undershaw foundation and as such is a voice that deserves to be listened to. You can keep up to date with his post at http://www.lukebejamenkuhns.com or you can stay in touch with his latest blog entries here : Luke’s Blog

This isn’t the first time he’s released his vast Holmesian knowledge and evocative storytelling capabilities to the world. His previous works include, The Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes and a the case of the Crystal Blue Bottle. He has also contributed to two other novels Sherlock’s Home:The Empty House and The Art of Deduction. Now, not only will he be there, but yours truly will also be performing at the Hotel as well.

I will be performing a stand up show for all the attendees, so this is your chance to get up to the big smoke and have an incredible night. Witness Deductive skill in front of your very eyes and leave with 2 very sought after books! Because let’s face it, you need a copy of The Monographs in your lives as well.

Event Tickets Here

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and information coming very soon!


World Record Holmes Tales!!! Get Excited!!!

photo-originalNow, my friends, i must tell you about a project so gargantuan in its awesomeness that i am struggling to fathom how i am going to cope!

From the incredible people at MX publishing, the illustrious David Marcum and 60 other authors, you will see 3 new hardback volumes of Sherlock Holmes tales spanning over 1200 pages and you will see them out before the end of the year!!! It is world record breaking in it size and as if that wasn’t enough, the proceeds are going to the deserved¬†http://www.saveundershaw.com¬†. For those that don’t know what Undershaw is, it is the home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and where he penned some of the classic tales, including the resurrection of the infamous detective in ‘The Final Problem’. The building itself had to endured intended redevelopment in 2009 but if it wasn’t for the handwork of a group of Sherlockians who fought all the way to high courts of the land, it may well have happened. Supported by patron Mark Gatiss they won, and even beat off the appeal that was quashed.



All the proceeds will go to the group who have now taken charge of the house, who plan to keep it open as a specialist education house, but will be making sure that all Sherlockian fans can see the same rooms and Offices that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle saw when writing the legends he wrote. The Books are officially due out in October but keen people can get in early by backing the project on kickstarter!


So folks i implore to please support such an incredible and deserving cause and take part in one of the biggest resurgences from a pillar of english literature!

Let us not forget that if you are a keen Holmes fan, you can learn his mind by supporting the campaign for my epic tome ‘The Monographs’. Where you can learn how to do what the famed detective once did! Support the book in the link below.


Talk soon folks!