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The Rare Baker Street Performance

IMG_0654Hello Friends!

This friday sees the official launch of my book ‘The Monographs’ a book unlike any other and a complete compendium of Deduction in the 21st century. Now comes the important part, there a few people in this world who are granted the opportunity to perform in this illustrious place (i don’t know of any) but i have been granted the opportunity to do exactly that. For your chance to be a part of this  event you need to book your tickets as soon as possible! All proceeds are going to the Undershaw preservation society. A noble cause if ever there was one.

Book your tickets for The Deductionist performance here

Also there is an incredible prize to be won on the night! A signed First Edition of one Petr Kopl’s Mind blowing Graphic novels! you would be mad to miss out on this opportunity!


This will give you a hint at just how incredible this work is!

I hope to see you all there!

Best wishes



World Record Holmes Tales!!! Get Excited!!!

photo-originalNow, my friends, i must tell you about a project so gargantuan in its awesomeness that i am struggling to fathom how i am going to cope!

From the incredible people at MX publishing, the illustrious David Marcum and 60 other authors, you will see 3 new hardback volumes of Sherlock Holmes tales spanning over 1200 pages and you will see them out before the end of the year!!! It is world record breaking in it size and as if that wasn’t enough, the proceeds are going to the deserved http://www.saveundershaw.com . For those that don’t know what Undershaw is, it is the home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and where he penned some of the classic tales, including the resurrection of the infamous detective in ‘The Final Problem’. The building itself had to endured intended redevelopment in 2009 but if it wasn’t for the handwork of a group of Sherlockians who fought all the way to high courts of the land, it may well have happened. Supported by patron Mark Gatiss they won, and even beat off the appeal that was quashed.



All the proceeds will go to the group who have now taken charge of the house, who plan to keep it open as a specialist education house, but will be making sure that all Sherlockian fans can see the same rooms and Offices that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle saw when writing the legends he wrote. The Books are officially due out in October but keen people can get in early by backing the project on kickstarter!


So folks i implore to please support such an incredible and deserving cause and take part in one of the biggest resurgences from a pillar of english literature!

Let us not forget that if you are a keen Holmes fan, you can learn his mind by supporting the campaign for my epic tome ‘The Monographs’. Where you can learn how to do what the famed detective once did! Support the book in the link below.


Talk soon folks!



Hello again everyone!

You may remember quite sometime ago i announced that i was going to be releasing a book that would detail the workings of a reductionists mind? Well, the time has finally arrived where this gargantuan tome will be realized! Within this book i have poured out knowledge that will take anyone from complete novice to Deductionist in as much time as it takes for you to put in the work to get you there.

11720753_10207196013287193_27837719_nThere are lessons imparted within here that have yet to be seen anywhere, and have formed part of my daily work as a Deductionist for the past decade. ‘ Have you ever wanted to truly know what goes on inside the head of Sherlock Holmes? Have you wanted to be able to read people and their expressions like books? Have you ever wanted to read a room and all the tells and clues that it provides? Then this is the book for you. The Monographs is a complete and comprehensive manual that will impart the lessons on everything you need to know to become a Deductionist in today’s world. Contained within you will learn how to think and approach problem solving like the famed detective, spot liars in person and through their handwriting, deduce clues, personality traits, and the personal details of people through their phones, watches and clothes. Figure out where people live from the shoes that they wear, deduce what they do for a living, how to build a memory palace as intricate and perfect as the one that is written about, histories, theory, application, how to train, practice and develop your skills. All this and much, much more. After you read this book not only will you see the world but you will truly observe what goes on inside it as well. Your name will still be your own, but you can make it your business to know what other people do not know.’ It is due for release on the 15th of September, you can follow the link to pre-order your copy before they sell out.


Now for those who are keen to get hold of their copy before the release date, that can be done as well. There is currently an indiegogo campaign going with a wealth of goodies for the early bird. Such as T-shirts, signed copies of the book as well as personal tuition and a chance to appear in my very popular web series ‘The Deductionist’. This campaign has been doing incredibly well, just bafflingly well! so be sure to get your orders in before they all go and you have to wait as patiently as we all wait for the next Sherlock special!


I thoroughly appreciate all your support so please spread the word! Ben