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Sherlockians are gathering, and a competition!

photo-originalMy friends, i have something quite enormous to tell you about! October 1st sees a collection of Sherlockians that hasn’t been seen for quite sometime! The reason? A world record breaking release of Sherlock Holmes tales! Gathered under one roof will be members of Sherlockian societies from around the world, the conan doyle family and estate, authors from the collection, Stepping stones, BBC Sherlock will be represented and many more! Add to this the fact that you can win your chance to come to this one off special event today!

The rules are simple!

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 8.55.13 PMI forgot to mention that there are some other incredible prizes to be won as well. These range from a signed and framed piece of wallpaper from the set of BBC Sherlock, a hardback set of the record breaking release of stories and tuition from yours truly! I will also be there on the night, performing a stage show for your viewing and deductive pleasures! Showing you some of the skills that can be picked up in my book The Monographs and just how far you can take them (Due out on the 15th of September, what a segue right!) you can still pick up your copy from here Order your copy from this link

tumblr_nu75nsRDVz1qkb0ibo1_500 tumblr_nu75nsRDVz1qkb0ibo2_500 tumblr_nu75nsRDVz1qkb0ibo3_400 tumblr_nu75nsRDVz1qkb0ibo4_r1_400 tumblr_nu75nsRDVz1qkb0ibo5_250 tumblr_nu75nsRDVz1qkb0ibo6_500 tumblr_nu75nsRDVz1qkb0ibo7_250 tumblr_nu75nsRDVz1qkb0ibo8_r1_500So do yourselves this favor, share this far and wide, enter the competition and come and join us for something that is not to be missed!

Best wishes



The Deductionist On Stage



Ive been thinking after this weeks shows, about the things that are to come toward the end of the year. The final gig of this week, was by far and away the most difficult i have had for sometime. The performers that read this will know the type of person that i am describing. To give you a idea of a couple of scenarios i was in this evening, i asked someone to concentrate on what they did for a living, they told me they knew how it was done! A few people later i asked someone to merely think of any playing card in the deck, bare in mind, i wasn’t holding any cards at the time, there was nothing in sight, yet they still announced that they knew how it was done. I ****you not my friends, everything i showed the people, they seemed to know how it was done. It is only through doing as i have trained myself to do for the last 15 years or so that i was able to succeed as often as what i did. Let me tell you, i earn every penny tonight! This got me thinking about the values of the lessons that are imparted in my book ‘The Monographs’ due out September 15th though you can still take part in the indiegogo event as we speak.

Join the Indiegogo campaign here!

Pre-order The Monographs from Amazon here!

Now then let me tell you about something extremely important you need to be aware of! I am performing at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel for the launch night of my book! There will be signed copies available as well as non-signed, should you prefer. The important date you need to stick into your diary is the September 16th.

Tickets for ‘The Deductionist’ book launch here! Get in early!


That is only one of 3! The next concerns the world record breaking Sherlock Holmes tales! October 1st is the date you need to put into your diary for this one. Follow the link below for some of the details about the evening. There is currently a kickstarted campaign underway to support the overwhelming awesomeness, after it has finished, more details about the event will be released. Though i can say that some of the Sherlock Holmes elite from all over the planet will be there. Including people from BBC Sherlock, The Conan Doyle family and estate, and many more.

Join the Kickstarter Campaign here


Last but by no means least, is the book launch for the incredible new novel by Luke Benjamen Kuhns (who is also a contributing author to the aforementioned record breaking series) The Scarlet thread of murder. October 30th is the date you will need for this one.

Get your tickets here!

I hope to see you all there! Each of these novels is sure to be a worthy purchase and the shows will knock your socks off! I hope to see you all there! But as i say, get your tickets soon, as they are private events and they WILL sell out fast!

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Have a good one guys and gals x