It was Aeschylus who said “Memory is knowledge” but it is here that a lot of us begin to suffer, not that we don’t have the capability, it’s just that we don’t quite understand how to train our memory. A phrase we often hear “I remember your face but your name escapes me” it’s never the other way around is it?

With this training you can cut revision time in half and retain twice as much information. Improve client relationships without having to grab for those personal information files. Give speeches and lectures with the greatest of ease, and remember all those important dates and information without having to keep a pile of post-it notes to hand.

Using techniques that are centuries old and Ben’s own personal methods, you can see improvements within minutes. Ben can even help you build your own memory palace with the theory that you will never forget anything.

Tutelage available via Skype and lecture format, get in contact and make a booking, or even just enquire for more information.