Evening all!

With The Monographs just around the corner, I thought I would throw some interesting tidbits your way on what some consider ‘Gold’ when deducing. How would you go about deducing someone’s job. How would you know details about someone’s vocation, without having to ask them? To get the full work on this, follow this link 😉

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For now, here a few ideas to get you started that are in essence, quite simple. The knowledge database you have stored away in your own Palace needs to be vast. For the simple fact that you can’t get to answer if you don’t have the information to utilize. So, get to know as many jobs as you can and more importantly what some of their attributes are. For example:

  • Indoor workers will have very little, if any coarse and worn skin.
  • Builders do very little paperwork
  • Teachers gravitate toward the cheaper end of smart wear.
  • Students carry backpacks and satchels, whereas the more business minded job requires a more formal carrying device.

The lists really do go on and on.

Logos and emblems can be and incredibly handy helper when out working these techniques in the trenches. Knowing the difference between the Personal trainers and the salesmen, the care workers and the driving instructors. This can be more than enough information to get you well on your way to success and is an idea that is so very often overlooked. I can’t tell you the amount of people i have spoken to/taught the deductive arts to over the years who simply just don’t think about something this simple. Even some of the logos of jobs that aren’t even for companies in your country. There is a very simple way to practice this, and in todays world it is quite simple. There are hundreds of logo apps and quizzes available on almost every device on the market. Search them out and practice.

These are transferable traits and ideas to all manner of deduction. Attributes, and tells as it were, can be found in anything. Look at the photo above.

  • None smokers will have no discernible tobacco aroma, no paraphernalia clogging up their pockets, no need for consistent breaks at work, healthy skin (thats if they aren’t a drinker), No visible tobacco stains on the finger tips and on the clothes.

Everything has a trait and everything has a tell, the small details are what is key! Now much in the same way that body language becomes more reliable when you observe a cluster of tells pertaining to the same thought, this same is true of the objects and in this instance, figuring out what someone does for a living.

Have fun practicing team!

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