This is the first none educational book I’ve read and wanted to review, but believe me when i say i was and still am, bowled over by it completely! it is sheerly magnificent! Not much of a review so far but i had to get that off my chest.

The first thing that strikes me about this when opening the first couple of pages pf the book is the artwork, it simply sizzles! With each page that goes by it conforms to everything we know and love about graphic novels. When i first encountered the possibility of a Sherlock Holmes Graphic novel, i was admittedly dubious to see how it would transpire but let me tell you that i was totally and completely wrong. The title tale is blended with the infamous fracas with Dr. Grimsby Roylott in The Adventure of the Speckled Band. When this is considered you would expect some vital elements to be left out in order that the story not be drawn out but everything is there. The alluring and manipulative nature of Irene Adler, the poker bending battle, the actual speckled band itself, the list goes on. You would expect that with a graphic novel that something would have to be sensationalized to such a degree that it would stand out, especially when you consider the scientific nature of the original source. However, any literary devices that were sprinkled with a touch of glamour only served to further accentuate the rapier like intellect that Sherlock Holmes was able to wield or, the friendly banter between Watson and Holmes, the fierce nature of Roylott or the fierce and gaunt nature of the women he oppressed! An absolute joy from start to finish!

Perfectly capturing the towering size and strength of Roylott and the feminine wyles of Miss Adler, as well as all of the distinctive features of Holmes himself. Set against such vibrant backdrops, and epic action scenes, quirky and current (of the time) dialogue. Even making reference to the escapades of Phileas Fogg in Jules Vernes classic, set around the same time. This is just an incredibly entertaining and vibrant read that stays completely true to and fond of the source material. It is 1 of 4 and I for one will be hunting down the rest with verve! Mr. Kopl is completely deserved of all his rewards! Kudos sir!

Best wishes