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A Study in Deduction

Hey friends! For a while now, my own personal tome The Monographs has been topping the Amazon charts with 5* reviews all round. My writing style is not conventional at all, I have always tried to keep everything as jargon free and focus on the work that matters, the important things. The detailed studies in The Monographs speak to that nature.

To get your copy of The Monographs please follow this link 

I mention this because I also give tuition via Skype. Lessons consist of everything in The Monographs but much more indepth and with new training techniques and tests to track your progress on the road to becoming a Deductionist yourself. 1 on 1 help for creating your memory palace from the ground up, reading people and catching lies and solving puzzles where’ve they lie. Check out the video below to hear what one of my skypers has to say

Recently I have also been working on taking these Skype lessons to the street! You heard me! Live training from the comfort of your own living room!…or wherever it is you use Skype. So after a time of developing your skills, you will be put to the test in all manner of genuine locations, to be able to deduce all manner of tasks from the smallest item carried in someone’s hands to possible suspects in a robbery. 

So if beginning your quest to unleash the Sherlockian within you is something you’d like to do, or if you’d just like to improve your memory skills then email me or private message me and we can start your course today.

Just deduce it team!


Orlando, Voodini and Me with a performance in London!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!
It has been a while! I hope you’re all well and enjoying the podcast! This little post is merely to keep you updated on the goings on in my world at the moment.

The guy in the photo above is not only a world renowned performer of the mystery arts but is a highly prolific and incredible author as well. The awesome folks at MX publishing have released a Kickstarter project for his first release under their name and it will be one that will knock your socks off! I made sure that I was the first backer of the project just to be sure.

Follow this Link to back Voodini’s book

I cannot wait for this! And am hoping for much more from this genius of a bloke! For now though, I’ll have a glass of red in his honour 😉


Orlando Pearsons new release ‘The Redacted Sherlock Holmes volume 2’ is due for purchase within the coming weeks. However, there is a book launch night you can attend, to meet the man himself. I will be performing as well! Like you needed anymore reason to come! 
Follow this link to purchase tickets for The Deductionist Performance and Book Launch
I will be bringing a new show to demonstrate just a few of the skills that you can learn in my book The Monographs! Hope to see you all there! 

Don’t be a stranger!

Stay tuned for the next podcast 

Ben x