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The Deductionist On Stage



Ive been thinking after this weeks shows, about the things that are to come toward the end of the year. The final gig of this week, was by far and away the most difficult i have had for sometime. The performers that read this will know the type of person that i am describing. To give you a idea of a couple of scenarios i was in this evening, i asked someone to concentrate on what they did for a living, they told me they knew how it was done! A few people later i asked someone to merely think of any playing card in the deck, bare in mind, i wasn’t holding any cards at the time, there was nothing in sight, yet they still announced that they knew how it was done. I ****you not my friends, everything i showed the people, they seemed to know how it was done. It is only through doing as i have trained myself to do for the last 15 years or so that i was able to succeed as often as what i did. Let me tell you, i earn every penny tonight! This got me thinking about the values of the lessons that are imparted in my book ‘The Monographs’ due out September 15th though you can still take part in the indiegogo event as we speak.

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Now then let me tell you about something extremely important you need to be aware of! I am performing at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel for the launch night of my book! There will be signed copies available as well as non-signed, should you prefer. The important date you need to stick into your diary is the September 16th.

Tickets for ‘The Deductionist’ book launch here! Get in early!


That is only one of 3! The next concerns the world record breaking Sherlock Holmes tales! October 1st is the date you need to put into your diary for this one. Follow the link below for some of the details about the evening. There is currently a kickstarted campaign underway to support the overwhelming awesomeness, after it has finished, more details about the event will be released. Though i can say that some of the Sherlock Holmes elite from all over the planet will be there. Including people from BBC Sherlock, The Conan Doyle family and estate, and many more.

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Last but by no means least, is the book launch for the incredible new novel by Luke Benjamen Kuhns (who is also a contributing author to the aforementioned record breaking series) The Scarlet thread of murder. October 30th is the date you will need for this one.

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I hope to see you all there! Each of these novels is sure to be a worthy purchase and the shows will knock your socks off! I hope to see you all there! But as i say, get your tickets soon, as they are private events and they WILL sell out fast!

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Have a good one guys and gals x

Perks and Performances


Hello All!

Boy do I have some exciting news for you all. First off, for all you delightful people that have already contributed to the indiegogo campaign and for all the delightful people that soon will or are planning to, I have added another perk for people to take advantage of.

Due to popular demand you can now have me, The Deductionist, come to your event and perform live for you. This will be subject to my already booked up days but you can now take advantage of having genuine real life Deduction performed for you. So get in there before they all go, as there aren’t many spots available.


The second item on my agenda to tell you about is an event that is quite simply not to be missed. Friday 30th October, at the Sherlock Holmes hotel are the details to put in your diary. It is a book launch night for the new Sherlock Holmes tale ‘Sherlock Holmes The Scarlet Thread of Murder’ penned by ace writer Luke Benjamen Kuhns and published by the incredible folks at MX publishing. Mr.Kuhns is a big voice for the save undershaw foundation and as such is a voice that deserves to be listened to. You can keep up to date with his post at or you can stay in touch with his latest blog entries here : Luke’s Blog

This isn’t the first time he’s released his vast Holmesian knowledge and evocative storytelling capabilities to the world. His previous works include, The Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes and a the case of the Crystal Blue Bottle. He has also contributed to two other novels Sherlock’s Home:The Empty House and The Art of Deduction. Now, not only will he be there, but yours truly will also be performing at the Hotel as well.

I will be performing a stand up show for all the attendees, so this is your chance to get up to the big smoke and have an incredible night. Witness Deductive skill in front of your very eyes and leave with 2 very sought after books! Because let’s face it, you need a copy of The Monographs in your lives as well.

Event Tickets Here

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and information coming very soon!


Speeding to read!

IMG_2303As i sit here in my living room, looking at the stack of books i have for my own reading pleasure this week i am spending more time thinking about speed reading. Not people in this instance but books.

The modern day Deductionist will have to swallow an awful lot of information on their road to awesomeness. The average human reads between 200-300 words per minute and when speed reading is once mastered, it is possible to get up to 750-850 words per minute! I top out at around the 500-600 mark myself. Now why is it that this is a technique that needs to be learnt? It is because we don’t do it properly, simple!

Through a combination of eye movements and periphery,  sub-vocalization as we read (mouthing the words as we read), and going back over words we have already read. It is infrequent that those that don’t speed read will do all of this but, at least one or two traits combined. These will slow you down and decrease retention due over thinking and a lack of focus.

Now then, one valuable technique we can all master,right from the get go is that of meta guiding. This is simply using your finger to guide your eyes along the sentence as it is being read. This can reduce sub vocalization and speed up reading speed. It is a very simple technique that will often go over looked. If you worry about not remembering as much because you are reading too fast, then remember this, you can read the same text a number of times, in the same amount of time as everyone else who doesn’t speed read. Once you come across a sentence of awesome importance, you can stop to take the time to store it into your palace fully! then you continue along your speedy journey.

Once you are aware that your eye will take in several images and words at once, thanks to your peripheral vision, you can use another technique but it does mean defacing your books. If you draw a line horizontally down every page of your book. You will do one 3 words in to lines on your book and 3 words from the end. You can combine this with the meta guiding as well or you can read as normal but either way it will improve your speed by getting the periphery involved in the beginning and final words of each line.

Practice, practice, practice! This way, your retention and comprehension will not suffer. For me, i use different reading techniques for different reading books, for books of an educative back ground i opt for speed reading methods and read the same book over a couple of days. Whereas for something of a narrative flavor i simply read it, for the sake of complete ingratiation into the world of the book. All in all, i find the techniques of speed reading invaluable! I can get through around 5-7 books a week, depending on the size, with around a 70% retention on the first read. That is thanks only to the practice i have done and have trained my brain to take in information this way! Same rules apply for whatever technique you use, whether referring to speed or comprehension, or anything in between.

Don’t be a stranger!


A Scandal in Bohemia by Petr Kopl – Graphic Novel Review

11053585_10207039504774578_5709076150567200599_nThis is the first none educational book I’ve read and wanted to review, but believe me when i say i was and still am, bowled over by it completely! it is sheerly magnificent! Not much of a review so far but i had to get that off my chest.

The first thing that strikes me about this when opening the first couple of pages pf the book is the artwork, it simply sizzles! With each page that goes by it conforms to everything we know and love about graphic novels. When i first encountered the possibility of a Sherlock Holmes Graphic novel, i was admittedly dubious to see how it would transpire but let me tell you that i was totally and completely wrong. The title tale is blended with the infamous fracas with Dr. Grimsby Roylott in The Adventure of the Speckled Band. When this is considered you would expect some vital elements to be left out in order that the story not be drawn out but everything is there. The alluring and manipulative nature of Irene Adler, the poker bending battle, the actual speckled band itself, the list goes on. You would expect that with a graphic novel that something would have to be sensationalized to such a degree that it would stand out, especially when you consider the scientific nature of the original source. However, any literary devices that were sprinkled with a touch of glamour only served to further accentuate the rapier like intellect that Sherlock Holmes was able to wield or, the friendly banter between Watson and Holmes, the fierce nature of Roylott or the fierce and gaunt nature of the women he oppressed! An absolute joy from start to finish!

IMG_2276IMG_2277Perfectly capturing the towering size and strength of Roylott and the feminine wyles of Miss Adler, as well as all of the distinctive features of Holmes himself. Set against such vibrant backdrops, and epic action scenes, quirky and current (of the time) dialogue. Even making reference to the escapades of Phileas Fogg in Jules Vernes classic, set around the same time. This is just an incredibly entertaining and vibrant read that stays completely true to and fond of the source material. It is 1 of 4 and I for one will be hunting down the rest with verve! Mr. Kopl is completely deserved of all his rewards! Kudos sir!

Best wishes


World Record Holmes Tales!!! Get Excited!!!

photo-originalNow, my friends, i must tell you about a project so gargantuan in its awesomeness that i am struggling to fathom how i am going to cope!

From the incredible people at MX publishing, the illustrious David Marcum and 60 other authors, you will see 3 new hardback volumes of Sherlock Holmes tales spanning over 1200 pages and you will see them out before the end of the year!!! It is world record breaking in it size and as if that wasn’t enough, the proceeds are going to the deserved . For those that don’t know what Undershaw is, it is the home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and where he penned some of the classic tales, including the resurrection of the infamous detective in ‘The Final Problem’. The building itself had to endured intended redevelopment in 2009 but if it wasn’t for the handwork of a group of Sherlockians who fought all the way to high courts of the land, it may well have happened. Supported by patron Mark Gatiss they won, and even beat off the appeal that was quashed.



All the proceeds will go to the group who have now taken charge of the house, who plan to keep it open as a specialist education house, but will be making sure that all Sherlockian fans can see the same rooms and Offices that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle saw when writing the legends he wrote. The Books are officially due out in October but keen people can get in early by backing the project on kickstarter!


So folks i implore to please support such an incredible and deserving cause and take part in one of the biggest resurgences from a pillar of english literature!

Let us not forget that if you are a keen Holmes fan, you can learn his mind by supporting the campaign for my epic tome ‘The Monographs’. Where you can learn how to do what the famed detective once did! Support the book in the link below.


Talk soon folks!


Thoughts of the day : Popular deductions within today’s society

Evening all!

With The Monographs just around the corner, I thought I would throw some interesting tidbits your way on what some consider ‘Gold’ when deducing. How would you go about deducing someone’s job. How would you know details about someone’s vocation, without having to ask them? To get the full work on this, follow this link 😉

Indiegogo link

For now, here a few ideas to get you started that are in essence, quite simple. The knowledge database you have stored away in your own Palace needs to be vast. For the simple fact that you can’t get to answer if you don’t have the information to utilize. So, get to know as many jobs as you can and more importantly what some of their attributes are. For example:

  • Indoor workers will have very little, if any coarse and worn skin.
  • Builders do very little paperwork
  • Teachers gravitate toward the cheaper end of smart wear.
  • Students carry backpacks and satchels, whereas the more business minded job requires a more formal carrying device.

The lists really do go on and on.

main-qimg-87863dd8c10295abcc7e1b97d93011bcLogos and emblems can be and incredibly handy helper when out working these techniques in the trenches. Knowing the difference between the Personal trainers and the salesmen, the care workers and the driving instructors. This can be more than enough information to get you well on your way to success and is an idea that is so very often overlooked. I can’t tell you the amount of people i have spoken to/taught the deductive arts to over the years who simply just don’t think about something this simple. Even some of the logos of jobs that aren’t even for companies in your country. There is a very simple way to practice this, and in todays world it is quite simple. There are hundreds of logo apps and quizzes available on almost every device on the market. Search them out and practice.

These are transferable traits and ideas to all manner of deduction. Attributes, and tells as it were, can be found in anything. Look at the photo above.

  • None smokers will have no discernible tobacco aroma, no paraphernalia clogging up their pockets, no need for consistent breaks at work, healthy skin (thats if they aren’t a drinker), No visible tobacco stains on the finger tips and on the clothes.

Everything has a trait and everything has a tell, the small details are what is key! Now much in the same way that body language becomes more reliable when you observe a cluster of tells pertaining to the same thought, this same is true of the objects and in this instance, figuring out what someone does for a living.

Have fun practicing team!

Now CALLING ALL SHERLOCK HOLMES FANS, record breaking collection of incredibles tales coming your way soon! Not from yours truly, but, it is going to be mind altering, trust me!!!


The Deductionist and thoughts for the monograph!

Dear all!

I have yet to share with you some thoughts about my web series ‘The Deductionist’ hqdefaultThis entire web series is done with a crew of 2 people, me being one of them and the other is the technical wizard, my friend, Mr Adam Golamaully. We had this idea, that we could really some up in a few words. What if Sherlock, or any Deductionist for that matter, skewered their career preference towards entertainment? What would that look like and what would you be able to see as the viewing public. We had a concept that we were going to be as upfront about everything as possible, in the same vain that Mr. Holmes would always be asked to explain his deductions we would tell every volunteer that offered their time exactly what was happening and what was going. If we tried to pull a fast one behind the camera or ask them specifically to say or do something, social media was banned and if all this wasn’t strictly adhered to, then they are to shout and scream and tell the world, lift the lid on exactly what was going on. Currently, there are 2 episodes, with episode 2 being a 2 parter. You can find the links for them below.

The Deductionist Episode 1 – This was the introductory episode to me and the series itself, a wide range of effects and possibilities. Before the strictly thematic episodes were born.

The Deductionist Episode 2 part 1 – The beginning of the episode entitled ‘PEOPLE’. The aim was to test just how far we can read people, accurately, and on as little information as possible. Seen at the beginning of this episode is when i had my abilities tested by a documentary film crew in York. Kept in a room for hours, that was a mobile phone signal dead zone, not even wifi. Allowed to only say hello to everyone for a brief window of around 30 seconds and then not allowed to even look at the host, that i was reading, until the cameras went live. They didn’t even tell me his name! Lots of fun!

The Deductionist Episode 2 part 2 – The climax of the show!

Episode 3 is called ‘Physical’ and should be dropping within the next 8 weeks. Episode 4 is called ‘Memory’ and you can probably guess what that is about, but this did get me thinking about a very important aspect of memory work as a reductionist and is covered at great length in my forthcoming book ‘The Monographs’

11720753_10207196013287193_27837719_nPre-order from Amazon here!

Contribute to the Indiegogo campaign here to get your hands on signed copies and personal tuition early!

Now then, what got me thinking today is because i was filming my version of a memory stunt seen on the mentalist.

The Mentalist Memory scene

So the bathtub is full, the list of random objects was numbered in the 40’s. We wanted to make it even harder than the show by having a mix of objects, playing cards and numbers. Then ask for them to be recited in a random order. I said specifically to Adam (who was to be the one to ‘drown me’) that you are to force my head under the water and hold it under for differing lengths of time. I am an Asthmatic and not a free diver, so i found this quite hard, holding my breath under such force and pressure and then having to remember the random lists and still do it successfully. We did it quite a few times in total and by the end of it i was completely knackered, and not to mention, incredibly wet!

Relaxation, and the quieting of the emotional voice inside your head are conducive to clear and logical thought. Relaxation engages the parasympathetic nervous system and flushes the body with oxygen. It is the anti flight or fight response if you will. In the same way that sleep is a chance for the body repair the neurons used in the nerves throughout the day, so to can relaxation and rest allow more neural epinephrin to move through the brain and allow you to function at optimum levels and in this instance complete the memory challenge. That is why this was such an incredible challenge, because you can’t concentrate on the fact that you can’t breathe and the pressure is building up in your insides because your bent in half over bathtub, this puts unnecessary pressure on your internal organs. You can’t wonder how long you are going to be down under the water for or whether all the water is going to fall out of your ears in time for you to hear the next part of the list. You need to be able to clear and focus your mind, ignore the voice inside your head telling you to get up and breathe! Go dry yourself off and take your inhaler! Focus on the task at hand that you’ve done 200 times before that and do it right, like your life depended on it. Strive for success. Sherlock Holmes said it best when he said ‘Emotional qualities are antagonistic to clear reasoning’ which is true. How many times have we all heard someone say, he would never lie to me or she would never do that to me! When intact anything is possible and its this emotional glasses we choose to look through that impair function in what we want to achieve cognitively.

quote-a-good-martial-artist-does-not-become-tense-but-ready-not-thinking-yet-not-dreaming-ready-for-bruce-lee-246217Wise words from a Philosopher, and is a lesson we can all learn when fine tuning our own deductive minds!

Stay tuned folks for more updates and tips over the coming days!



Hello again everyone!

You may remember quite sometime ago i announced that i was going to be releasing a book that would detail the workings of a reductionists mind? Well, the time has finally arrived where this gargantuan tome will be realized! Within this book i have poured out knowledge that will take anyone from complete novice to Deductionist in as much time as it takes for you to put in the work to get you there.

11720753_10207196013287193_27837719_nThere are lessons imparted within here that have yet to be seen anywhere, and have formed part of my daily work as a Deductionist for the past decade. ‘ Have you ever wanted to truly know what goes on inside the head of Sherlock Holmes? Have you wanted to be able to read people and their expressions like books? Have you ever wanted to read a room and all the tells and clues that it provides? Then this is the book for you. The Monographs is a complete and comprehensive manual that will impart the lessons on everything you need to know to become a Deductionist in today’s world. Contained within you will learn how to think and approach problem solving like the famed detective, spot liars in person and through their handwriting, deduce clues, personality traits, and the personal details of people through their phones, watches and clothes. Figure out where people live from the shoes that they wear, deduce what they do for a living, how to build a memory palace as intricate and perfect as the one that is written about, histories, theory, application, how to train, practice and develop your skills. All this and much, much more. After you read this book not only will you see the world but you will truly observe what goes on inside it as well. Your name will still be your own, but you can make it your business to know what other people do not know.’ It is due for release on the 15th of September, you can follow the link to pre-order your copy before they sell out.

Now for those who are keen to get hold of their copy before the release date, that can be done as well. There is currently an indiegogo campaign going with a wealth of goodies for the early bird. Such as T-shirts, signed copies of the book as well as personal tuition and a chance to appear in my very popular web series ‘The Deductionist’. This campaign has been doing incredibly well, just bafflingly well! so be sure to get your orders in before they all go and you have to wait as patiently as we all wait for the next Sherlock special!

I thoroughly appreciate all your support so please spread the word! Ben