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On here I will mostly be discussing and chatting about thoughts and ideas that are running through my head at that time with a view toward performance skill in Mentalism, new shows and performances I am giving, new books and PDF I have available from my site ( and pretty much anything else I want to, its my blog. Muhaha J

After much trial and effort and sweat and blood and 3 tears, my very own stage show PERSUADE happened a few months ago. This is of particular importance to me as I set the entire thing up with my good friend Tom Carter; it was not something I was hired for.  A very successful performance, even if I do say so myself, so a huge thank you to all that came and made it what it was! We plan to make a return this coming summer to reveal the new show ‘A Tale of Two Halves’. Demonstrating the glorious wonder and the darker side of challenges surrounding thought control. So please keep your eyes peeled for all the information that will follow.

So to begin with I thought I would chat about something that is very important to me and that is memory training and why I feel it to be of major importance not only in life but as a performer, and in particular one who performs mental mind molesting…..that’s Mentalism to you and me.

With reference to life in general, allow me to paint you a picture. You’ve stepped out into the world and begun your own business, you’ve just stepped into your new offices and there are boxes everywhere. All of a sudden, a very important client rings and books your services and needs to leave information including contact phone numbers, names and times they will be in to deliver their goods. The only thing is you can’t find a pen…..anywhere. So what do you?

I know there are those of you thinking that you’d have labelled the boxes and wouldn’t have been as silly as to misplace a pen, but as this is only a hypothetical to demonstrate my point just go with me because there are a million different ways that having a great memory can improve your life but all that to come shortly……so, what do you do??

Well you could tell the person on the other end of the phone to hang on a second whilst you try and scratch around the place for a writing implement or nip out to the nearest Ryman to commit some shoplifting, or you could professionally tell the lady to go ahead and give you the information and with a few simple memory training exercise you could commit that to your grey matter until the time comes for you to write it down and file it because again I am really not suggesting you should your run business via memorisation. You do see my point though, that even a phone number, a date and time, a name and an address would be a seemingly impossible feat to just remember. It isn’t, it is actually ridiculously simple it just takes a little practice to master and that is by combining the ideas of both hemispheres of the brain. That of logic and imagination (to put it simply).

Think of the ways in which this could help you improve client relationships. You have met with someone twice now and instead of having to say:

YOU:  Mr….what was it again?

CLIENT: Thackery

YOU : Ahh yes Mr Thackery just hang on a second whilst I pull up your file.

And then experience dead time or even worse…polite chit chat. Think of how much more of a personal touch you could add to your service if you could greet Mr Thackery by shaking him warmly by the hand and using his name. Asking him if he has had any car trouble this time around on his journey as you remembered last time his Peugeot got a flat tyre. Offer him a hot drink and remember how he takes it so you don’t even have to ask. You have already developed an immediate sense of rapport with this person. Which in sales is a great attribute to have.

You offered a day for a meeting and there are terms, it has to be on a Thursday 6 moths from now. Could you tell your client what day it would be so they could plan their lives accordingly? It has happened to all of us where we have been asked what day we are free on or to set a meeting for this date but it can’t be a Tuesday and you have left your diary in the car or your phone battery has just died! What do you do? A few very simple exercises could help you remember, for example if you can memorise a number the length of your mobile phone number then you can memorise an entire years worth of dates as well. For this number I got a calendar for 2013 and wrote down in order the number in the month that the first Monday falls on, and ended up with this:


Knowing this simple number will allow you to work out what day of the week any date falls on in 2013. Take, for example 3rd of June (my birthday) now June is the 6thmonth of the year so I look at the 6th number in which is 3. Now I know my birthday is on the first Monday of June. It’s that simple! As well as everything else I mentioned but I will get into all this in future blogs and books, I mention this to merely wet your appetite.

It can affect your life in a very gratifying way, I mean think of the joy never needing another shopping list again, and these kind of exercise will slash revision time in at least half! And my fellow men, think of the brownie points you can get from your wife/girlfriend when she feels so connected to you that you pay so much attention to her and her needs that you get her that dress she saw in the shop that one time for Christmas without you having to ask when all you did was remember, the design, the shop and her size!

Now then, for my mentalist friends that doesn’t already take advantage of this brilliant skill, a few titbits to wet your appetite. I am a huge fan of in my performance that is of trying to bring the attributes of Sherlock Holmes into reality as much as possible. Now when I get glimpses into personal items, which you often will for example someone turns their phone off and on quickly to check the time you get a brief second to try and ingest what you have seen as a screen saver, if its a picture then how many are there and who they might be, what they are wearing, where they are, the actual quality of the phone and its upkeep, whether there is a case and if it has any insignia on it. Which would sound like a gargantuan feat to memorise in a second, but from times like this it is possible to gain a wealth of personal information without their knowledge and feed it back to them through your performance making you seem like a wizard! Without having a well trained memory this wouldn’t be possible.

Demonstrating your ability to memorise a shuffled pack of cards in a few minutes is largely considered a very impressive feat now when performing this as a magician/mentalist the populous is largely concerned with what level of chicanery you are applying here. So when they cannot find any, because you are actually doing what you say you are doing your performance credibility is unshakeable!

There are many places to learn these techniques from and I will go into them myself at a later date but one thing that is not widely covered is that of confidence. To have confidence and faith in your abilities because the minute you start to doubt those even after you have memorized everything perfectly is the time when you make mistakes.

Thanks for taking the time to read/follow this and I will be back real soon with more information on my upcoming releases and performances as well as some techniques to allow you to accomplish all of the aforementioned scenarios.

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See you soon guys, take it easy!